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Sim-You-Later - The game where you simulate your own life!

Sim-You-Later is my Wizard Jam 7 entry, inspired by the Three Moves Ahead episode about the Sims 3.    My goal was to create a game that would take the Sims' "Moodlet Roulette" and then let players convert moodlets into a score.

There is currently  a game-breaking bug that I am unable to fix.  Once I am, I will reopen the download.  For now this is merely an archive of my first completed, but broken, Game Jam entry.

The game essentially functions like a scored diary and todo list - players are scored on what they did and given ways to improve their score.   Unfortunately, I've only been learning programming for a few months, so it's still somewhat bare bones.  If you're looking for a graphical masterpiece...  or even really a game, in the traditional sense, then I'm afraid this is probably not going to be what you're interested in.  Mostly, I'm just happy that I managed to complete my entry and get it out as I'd wanted it.  I wish I could have gotten in more, but I'm all right with what there is.

If I ever make any additional content for this, I'd really like to add a relationship system, to help players track interactions with friends or family members.  Also, I'd love to add a way to level up at careers.

If you'd like to check out the source code, I'd love people to fork their own versions if they'd like, as well as giving me tips on my coding.  You can find that on my Github page.

Additionally,  I'd love it if you'd check out my design diaries, or my podcast, over at http://www.spitballsessions.com/


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I really love the concept of this game. But whenever I enter what I want my character's ambition to be, it exits me out. I thought it would be important to say that. But I do really like it.


Hey Koholos! I played your entry (and totally missed the point for a little while but eventually remembered what I was I was playing) and really liked it. The vid should hopefully link to when I started playing your game.

Thanks and congrats! :)